European Automotive Heritage

Founded in 2010, Eurokracy is a yearly automotive event that for just one day unites Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes, and more automotive enthusiasts.

Since its inception, Eurokracy has prided itself in being true to the roots of both the European auto enthusiast community and to the people who call Montreal our home.

Love and passion is what drives us to deliver not just a regular car show, but a weekend long experience that will leave visitors in a state of ecstasy.

Commitment to Quality

We strive to deliver the best and most entertaining experience possible for all of our Eurokracy guests.

By not skimping out on the little things, visitors know that when they enter our gates they’ve entered a second home surrounded by family.

A Class Above

As a visitor to Eurokracy, one can expect a multitude of daytime events such as: The Low-Car Limbo Competition, The Burnout Competition, 1/4 Mile Drag, Show & Shine, and Best in Show.

By offering visitors new and innovative day time events we guarantee satisfaction at every turn throughout the day.

See you at our next installment!


Eurokracy attracts thousands of spectators and and 30+ vendors annually.

Visitor Information

Click Here if you want to learn more about what to bring if you’re visiting Montreal from out of town.

2015 Track Location

Eurokracy 2015 will be held at ICAR Experience in Mirabel, Québec. Directions to the race track can be found by Clicking Here.

Comments: 40

  • Abi

    Reply April 7, 20157:47 pm


    I would like the specific address. I am looking into places to stay but I don’ t know where the show is taking place.

    Thank you,

    Abi Santos

  • Gilberto Perez

    Reply June 26, 20157:00 pm


    Are we able to buy tickets at the door?

  • Adam sanches

    Reply February 8, 20161:36 pm

    I want to bring my audi inside the meeting , do i got to suscribe ? Or do i just get there on day 18 and buy my ticket at the door ? Thank you

  • Steve bath

    Reply February 29, 20168:56 pm

    Hi. I’ve been checking out your instagram page and all of your pics look amazing. I was also wondering if you have any eurokracy stickers available.

  • Chet Lopez

    Reply May 30, 20166:16 am

    i see the dates as the 18th and 19th, but what events are for each day? main show day is saturday i would assume, but what would be going on for sunday? just so i can plan accordingly

  • Antonio Fucito

    Reply March 26, 20188:34 pm

    I would like to come with my Saab 93, tickets can also be purchased upon arrival?

  • Crystel

    Reply June 13, 20187:58 pm

    Is it the same price at the gate?

  • Rachel Perrotte

    Reply June 15, 20184:46 pm

    Is the 30$ ticket price to spectate?? Or enter a car?

    Our family of five want to just view. And we have two kids under 12. What’s the cost?

  • Cedrik

    Reply February 14, 20197:55 pm

    I bought the 70$ lapping package.
    3 rounds of 10mins of lapping, do I need a helmet and can I bring a passager?

  • Taylor Corbett

    Reply August 5, 20209:58 am

    Is eurocracy a go for 2020 ? Please confirm. Thank you

  • Michael

    Reply September 18, 202011:18 pm

    I seen theres no more tickets for tomorrow , i was asking if its still possible to buy tickets at the gate ?

  • Olivier Laforest

    Reply September 19, 20207:33 pm

    Did we buy lapping session on the circuit? Where to buy it for sunday???

  • Fiona

    Reply March 28, 20211:26 pm

    Eurokracy happening in 2021?

  • Billy Bob

    Reply August 10, 20213:42 pm

    Where can I find information on the date and time for the car show?

  • Billy Bob

    Reply August 10, 20214:10 pm

    What time is the show?

  • Mario Audette

    Reply August 12, 20211:52 am

    Escequ on dois acheter un billet pour un adolescent qui a moin de 18 ans mais qui est accompagner par ses parent ?

  • KTJ

    Reply August 17, 20217:05 pm

    Hello, Do I need to purchase a ticket for my 4 year old?

  • Mike H

    Reply August 20, 20212:37 pm

    Are pets/dogs allowed?

  • Alfredo

    Reply August 20, 20216:17 pm

    I purchased 6 tickets for the show this weekend and was wondering if you guys will accept them for other people considering it’s under my name

  • Josh

    Reply June 11, 20226:59 pm

    Is ground parking included with single day pases or just the 2 day?
    On the ticket page under the 2
    day pass it states “ground parking” but not on the one day passes

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