The trip to Eurokracy and the fine city of Montreal will be an amazing experience but what can a first time foreigner expect?

We wanted to make sure to get you some quick tips on arriving safely and enjoying the time spent in our beautiful city.

Crossing the border:

Since June 2009, everyone entering Canada by air, land and sea needs to have a valid passport.

Have your car registration available as border officials are always on the lookout for stolen vehicles or people trying to avoid duties on vehicles purchased out of country, so having your car registration on hand is a good idea.

Be prepared to answer questions. The Border Services Officer at the Canada/US border might ask a series of questions such as: “How long you will be in the country?” “Why are you traveling to Canada?” and “What is the address of the place where you will you be staying?” Keep a cool head and answer these questions directly and openly for a smooth crossing.


Quebec is the second largest French speaking area in the world outside of France and navigating around town might be a little daunting for newcomers.

Not to worry though as most of the inhabitants of Montreal are fluent enough in both English and French to help you out if you get lost.  Be polite and ask around for information whenever you’re in need.


Although the American and European currency is recognized and accepted in most places in Montreal, it is always best to exchange your money for Canadian Dollars. Consult your bank or money exchange office and save yourself high exchange rates and hassle when purchasing locally.

Alcohol and Drugs:

The legal drinking age in the province of Quebec is 18 years old. When purchasing Alcohol make sure you have a valid ID on hand to prove you are of legal drinking age.

Our drunk driving limit is 0.08%, but it’s best to take a cab anywhere you need to go or carpool if you see yourself losing control.

Like most places in North America, narcotics and other controlled substances (illegal drugs) are not legal in Canada. Save yourself a trip to the clunker and stick to smoking tobacco.

Metric System:

When driving in Canada it is very important to know that our speed limits and milestones are marked in the metric system and not the imperial system.  The highway speed limit is a steady 100 kph (62.14 mph) and distances are measured in kilometres, not miles.

There is a very simple and easy way to convert distances by multiplying your mile value by 1.6 to get an approximate kilometre value.  Example 65 mph x 1.6 equals to 104 kph.

Driving Laws:

It is very important to obey all posted road signs and respect the communities you’re traveling through.

Turning right on a red traffic light is not permitted on the island of Montreal but is permitted outside the city.

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense and you will be prosecuted.

Being from out of town will not get you out of a ticket as it is very important to know that the province of Quebec shares its infraction records with many other provinces and states so please be aware that the ticket that you may receive will affect you when you get back home.

Smile, it’s all uphill from here!

Hope that these tips are helpful if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us it will be more then a pleasure to help you out.

Have a happy and safe trip!

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The Eurokracy Boys

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  • Sabrina

    Reply June 15, 201811:19 pm

    Can we bring some food and drink like water ?
    Thank you

  • Ysmael

    Reply March 12, 20203:59 pm

    Can you set up a tent on sight?

  • frank

    Reply August 20, 20218:48 pm

    salut es ce que c’est permis d’aporter eau et glaciere merci

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