AirSociety: Eurokracy Defined Parts I and II

Source: Eurokracy Defined I

The people of the province of Quebec, Canada have been traveling all over North America and beyond to feed their addiction of Euro cars for years. H2Oi, Southern Worthersee, Vagkraft, Deutsch Fest, and even Waterfest have enjoyed over a decade of our loyal and die hard fans driving hours and hours just to see a quality Euro spectacle.  This year we gave them a spectacle closer to home called Eurokracy.

The Montreal car scene has been on the decline for years.  Most of the big shows have either closed down or are not addressing the direction that the modern tuning scene is going in.  When we first set off on our mission to create a Euro show in Montreal we wanted to not only to address these issues and reinvigorate the local tuning scene, but to pay tribute to the people of this province who have been craving and deserving a worthy car show to call their own for years.  We wanted to bring to Montreal a Euro show that showcased the quality home grown rides to the world.

Eurokracy became more than just a car show for us, it became an addiction.  We had been to many shows over the years and had picked up enough inspirational material to make ours a success.

Source: Eurokracy Defined II

Success isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to start a unique Euro show in a city that’s never had one before.  Thankfully Eurokracy was a success due in big part to the air suspension community.

Taking home the Lowest Limbo prize at Eurokracy 2011, Manolo’s bagged BMW Z4 on 18″ Schmidt TH Lines is truly something that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.  Sitting just under 50″ from floor to the top of his windshield, this convertible beat out a VW Thing without out a roof and dropped windshield and a Rabbit Pickup stacked full with almost a dozen people to take home the gold.

Unix Performance’s aired out Audi A8L sits low enough to almost be used as a dinner table, it even comes with dishes!  Tucking a set of 19″ Work Eurolines and a custom fabricated bags setup, there’s no reason anyone should be afraid to dine with the guys from Unix.

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