Fuel Riders: The heart and soul of Quebec

Source: Fuel Riders

For years Quebecers have traveling all over North America to see Euro shows, now we’ve got one to call our very own: Eurokracy.

The heart and soul of Quebec was poured into Eurokracy and it was reflected in the quality of cars and drivers that stopped by to say hello this past June 25.

A day filled with rainy weather didn’t hold anyone back as over a thousand people poured into Autodrome St-Eustache to see everything from bagged dubs to stanced out JDM rides.

What’s a car show without a Limbo Competition? There was stiff competition between Skip Tuning’s rabbit pick up, Sam’s static dropped Bimmer, and even VW Campbell’s Thing with dropped front windshield and no roof; but the winner of the competition was a bagged BMW Z4 from Ontario that dropped his ride to under 50″ from ground to roof!

Wet asphalt made for an awesome burn out competition, a handful of dare devils lined up and ripped rubber. DM Motorsports’ burn out lasted for over 2 minutes long!

For being the first event of its kind in Montreal, Eurokracy not only delivered the good stuff but pumped out enough epic rides to make sure that there will be years of awesome Eurokracies to come!

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