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We always like to try new things, meet new people, drive to new places, see new cars, etc. Different is good. After speaking to Rick and the rest of the crew from AirSociety , they had us on board to attend their event Eurokracy.

For storytelling purposes we can start at the beginning, Passports. We totally didn’t all have passports. Luckily, with enough planning we were able to get that all taken care of, Although Curtis’s did show up the week of! On Friday we set forth on our journey north, made a pit stop to see our friends at Bagriders before spending the evening at the weekly food truck fair in at Arts Riot in Burlington VT(which we would HIGHLY recommend). After that we headed to one of our favorite places of all, the home of our good friend, MK1 connoisseur and Vermont native Jodi Doyle. This is where we spend the next couple evenings. Without seeing a map, this might seem strange but the show is actually right over the Vermont / New York border so it worked out great to stay with our favorite host and only be about an hour from the show saturday AM.

Once we crossed the border we were quickly immersed into desolate, flat farm land, KPH, and french phrases on signs I couldn’t quite make out. In the distance, beyond the hay bails and tractors a line of cars appeared, and we could hear the faint sound of diverter valves and straight pipes. 8:00AM, We had arrived at Napierville dragway and the beginning of Eurokracy 14. Our first observation, Canadian shows start on time and people show up on time, amazing, something we are not used to at all!

Once we entered the level of quality was apparent. This was going to be good. Once we anchored the CCs on the rear side of the show and shine section we all quickly grabbed our gear and went exploring. I think this is around the time Curtis locked his keys in his trunk as well, we got them back since luckily for us, AAA(CAA)is in Canada as well. One huge benefit to having a show at a dragway, is well, the dragway. Racing all day, burnout contest, and a much more creative take on the standard limbo were all great ways to stop and take a break from the normal show ground stroll and see something a little more interesting to watch.

All in all, the staff of Eurokracy put on an excellent show, and what we have shot is just a taste. We highly recommend attending this event and hope to see everyone next year, because we will be there for sure!




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