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Comments: 17

  • JO Volks

    Reply April 2, 20138:26 pm

    venez nous voir le 29 juin au napierville dragway!

    • Olivier Laforest

      Reply September 15, 20201:10 am

      How track attack work? Is it on the 2 day? Want to be there but dont know how it work

  • WunderKar Volkswagen Audi Parts

    Reply April 29, 20139:55 pm

    Looking forward to attending our first Eurokracy!

  • Alexandra Gray

    Reply March 26, 20142:15 am

    If any vendors are looking for models, please contact Alexandra Gray at I am available as well as i know a few models as well! Thank you

  • andrew

    Reply December 11, 20161:41 pm

    Looking to be a vendor / possible sponsor for next year. Any information to give us would be great. Date, cost, package available?


  • Roberto Trinidad

    Reply February 1, 20181:45 pm

    Looking to be a vendor / possible sponsor for 2018. Any information to give us would be great. Date, cost, package available?

  • Neal Landis

    Reply March 12, 20192:42 pm

    Looking to be a vendor or sponsor for 2019. Can you please provide information on packages, Thanks.

  • Samuel Desjardins Martel

    Reply March 14, 201911:56 am

    J’aimerais devenir commenditaire j’ai moi meme 3 euro chez moi et je vien déjà chaque année. J’ai une compagnie de réparation d’interieurs de véhicule. Nous avons fait la Jetta de Dominic Dubreuil!

  • Neil Skrzypinski

    Reply August 18, 20202:57 pm

    How can i become a vendor?

  • Neil Skrzypinski

    Reply August 18, 20202:58 pm

    How can i become a vendor?
    Would love to take part !

  • Jared Heshka

    Reply August 25, 20207:19 pm

    Looking to become a vendor, messaged you on facebook. Please send me some information – Thank you

  • Jessy Tremblay

    Reply January 4, 202112:58 am

    Salut, je voulais savoir comment ca marche pour avoir un spot lors de l’événement? Pour un groupe FB VW!


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